Important Considerations for Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency

If you have a business, you know that marketing can make or break its potential. And when it comes to 21st century marketing, the Internet is where that potential thrives. Not that traditional methods have ceased to be effective but let's face it: if people are spending at least 75% of their time online, where else should you take your marketing strategy? To get started, click here!

The question is, how do you choose a digital strategy agency that will create the magic for you?
Results Measurement

First off, a good digital strategy doesn't work like magic at all. More like science, which means the company you're eyeing should be able to provide actual measurements of your campaign's results. To be more specific, they should present Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in their proposal and especially in their monthly reports.


Effective digital marketing calls for time and energy, so if this actually costs just a few hundred dollars, why isn't everybody doing it yet? Pricing depends on the type of strategy and project scope, so ask at least two or three different companies about their fees, and compare. Remember, you always get what you pay for.

Client References

Nothing beats hearing it straight from the proverbial horse's mouth. Ask for client references from each agency you consider, and take time to actually talk to these clients. Let them tell you about their experience with the agency. This part can be very revealing. Visit this website for more info.

Results with Proof

Digital strategy agencies usually brag about their successes, but what you want is evidence. What kind of success specifically did they achieve for their clients? What results are they talking about, and how long did it take to achieve them? How many conversions? If they embarked on an SEO campaign, what particular keywords did they rank for? If it was an email marketing campaign, how much new traffic did they bring in? Words are nothing without figures to back them up.


Part of what makes a digital marketing campaign successful is how long it took for the expected results to materialize. But that doesn't mean success can be instant. In fact, it requires time, but it shouldn't take forever either. When choosing an agency, ask them about their specific timelines for hitting certain KPIs. This will help you see just how long it may take to achieve your goals.

SEO Approach

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become integral to digital marketing success. After all, most online purchases today begin with a search. In other words, the agency's approach to SEO should be a consideration for you. Some of them believe only in building links, others think it all boils down to good keyword research. You'd like an agency that uses a well-rounded approach to SEO that only builds top quality and relevant links to your website.


Finally, while there are many fresh, upcoming talents out there, more experienced agencies will always have something unique to give you. Research the background of each company you're considering. While older companies aren't automatically better than younger ones, their ability to remain in business for a long time says that they've been doing things right.